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Flow-through piston regulator

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IST’s new R750 was designed and developed with reliability as main priority. It is simple to use and easy to service. The proven technology used means with proper care and maintenance, it gives years of trouble-free diving.
• For use in waters warmer than 10°C.
CE mark certified.


First Stage- R7 Flow-through piston 1st stage

 •  Piston technology has been used in SCUBA for many years now and its longevity lies in its simplistic, bomb-proof design. This first stage can handle lots of abuse and is easy for technicians to service.

• Available with YOKE or 300BAR DIN (G5/8) connector.

• 4 intermediate pressure ports and 1 high pressure port. 


Inter. pressure setting @9.5~10.0 bar (137~145psi)
Ventilation rate @ 206 bar (3000psi): 3110L / min. (110 cu ft / min.)


O-50 Down-stream 2nd stage

• Reliable and robust, the O50 uses the time-proven, easy to service down-stream valve.
Coupled with our high-spec, large bore intermediate pressure hose (max. service
pressure @ 34.5 BAR / 500psi), it flows more than enough air even when breathing
demand is high.
• The light-action purge button is easy to access.
• The pre-dive / dive switch atop the second stage housing prevents free-flow while the
diver is on the surface.

Cracking pressure setting @ 1.2 inch of water Flow rate @ 206 bar (3000psi): 30 cu ft / min
Max service intermediate pressure @ 10 bar (145psi) Down-stream 2nd stage